pink waves & the flowers of May

One of spring’s highlights in Vancouver is the pink wave effect. That is not an official term, however it could very well be so. Many of the streets are lined by trees, and a substantial number of them are various types of Japanese cherry trees, about 40,000 of them at the last official count. When they bloom, they are reminiscent of pink clouds, and if you have an opportunity to drive along blossom-lined streets, you really must do so. It is sheer eye candy.

not 1  

They all bloom at different times, with one variety just finished blooming, and the next variety beginning. The first wave usually begins in late March, and the last one ends in late May. Times vary slightly, depending on how early or late the warming spring temperatures arrive.

While many of the blossoms are various shades of pink, there are also white ones. And there are not only Japanese cherries. There are also crabapples, hawthorns, redbuds, honey locusts, dogwoods and more.

It was my first spring with a digital camera, and the Japanese cherry blossoms were in their prime well into May. Even the tulips were blooming this late, and yet the typical blossoms of May, the azaleas and lilies of the valley, were also beginning to put in their appearance.

Here is a short journey down memory lane.

japanese cherries 01

japanese cherries 02

japanese cherries 03

The crabapple blossoms also appear in various shades of pink. These dark ones appear to bloom last, after the Japanese cherry blossoms are long past their prime.

crabapples 01

crabapples 02

crabapples 03

It is not uncommon to see tulips blooming this late in spring.

tulips in May

May’s flowers are also putting in an appearance.

10 flowers of may

But of course, the Japanese cherry blossoms are unforgettable.

11 cherry blossoms
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6 thoughts on “pink waves & the flowers of May

  1. this year is similar — all the march-may flowers are in bloom at the same time. Although I missed the early blooms, I am really enjoying the blossoms now. You picked a great shot to begin this set.


    • thanks for the kind words, Jude – and thanks especially for following photojourneying! much appreciated.
      in any case, spring is quite a colourful time of year in this corner of the planet. glad you enjoyed!


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