Christmas :: a visual medley, part 4

It is the fourth Sunday of Advent. Christmas is just around the corner, and it is the fourth and final installment of the current Visual Medley series.

Here goes:
27 the weather outside is frightful

28 hark now hear the angels sing (750x563)

29 let it snow

30 let it snow, let it snow (750x563)

31 let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (750x563)

32 an open fire (750x563)

33 winter wonderland of snow (750x563)

34 with every Christmas card I write (750x563) (2)

35 Noel, no 'L' (750x563)


And that’s it. It’s a wrap! My first Christmas images ever published. Hope you enjoyed.

37  O, Oy, Joy (750x580)

Thanks be to God for his Son—his Gift too wonderful for words.
2 Corinthians 9:15

◆ All images originally published December 2007 ◆

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas!

Here’s a sneak preview of something scheduled to appear over at pix & kardz on Christmas Eve. I have lost count of how many times I have already viewd it, and it appears too awesome to relegate to a single blog. Hope you enjoy. And feel free to share!




Christmas :: a visual medley, part 3

Many Christmas memories come to mind…. Christmas meant the smell of Christmas baking, and being part of that baking process with my Mom – cutting out cookie after cookie after cookie and adding the egg glaze and coloured sprinkles…. And it also included the decorating of the Christmas tree with well-loved ornaments which emerged out of boxes every year.

26 not a creature was stirring.... not even a - bear

And for a number of years it meant being an angel for the annual Sunday School Christmas play. Being an angel was a no-brainer. If you weren’t one of the shepherds or the wise guys, or one of the main characters, you were an angel by default. You sang your verses and looked angelic.

But being Mary was the coveted role.

And one year, when all the beautiful Mary candidates before me had graduated, it was up to me. I was it. Mary at last. I cannot say that it was as awesome as I had imagined it. The role of Joseph was not assigned to the boy of my dreams. But it was satisfying, no doubt, to be one of the stars of the program.

Trivial now, those childhood aspirations, in comparison to what the original Mary must have gone through on that very first Christmas.

Pregnant, unwed, with nothing but a promise to keep her going for nine months at a time when that would have been deemed a status of shame. How courageous she was, and how her faith must have grown as she sensed that first kicking within her and felt the wonder of it all. Realizing finally that which she had been sure of all along: the gift of life which was about to be born. All on that long-ago silent night.

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To be continued at the next post.

◆ Originally published December 2007 ◆

Christmas :: a visual medley, part 2

It is the second Sunday of Advent. Another week closer to Christmas, and another installment of Christmas :: a visual medley. It’s time for more carols….

The first image below is of a welcome sign that a friend brought back from Germany. It became an annual tradition for some time and graced the front door for a number of Christmas seasons, cheerfully announcing to one and all, “Welcome here!”

10 oh come, one and all (750x750)

11 ... every Christmas card I write.... (750x562)

12 Go tell it on the mountains (750x563)

13 Leise rieselt der Schnee (750x563)

14 What Child is this (750x563)

15 Frosty the snowman (750x563)

16 moor & mountain (750x563)

17 star of wonder (750x563)

18 we light a thousand candles bright

Oops! Got my blogs mixed up. The images are all showing © pix & kardz 2013 in error rather than © photojourneying 2013.

I didn’t notice until this post was almost ready for publication. The images really were intended for photojourneying, and if that is where you were wanting to be, you really are in the right place. Sorry for any confusion caused. All rights reserved, regardless. 🙂

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◆ Originally published December 2007 ◆

Christmas :: a visual medley

Just in time for the Christmas season… advent, advent

Growing up, the four Sundays of Advent were important occasions – the four Sundays before Christmas. Sometimes they would already begin in late November.

A special wreath with four candles was set up, and on the first Sunday, one candle would be lit. In later years I would hear that each candle represented a certain aspect of the original Christmas story, although depending on which tradition was in place, the meanings varied. But back then, there was no particular significance of one candle over the other. The second week, two candles would be lit, and so on. The more candles that were on the wreath, the shorter the time until Christmas would be there.

And by the time all four candles were lit, Christmas would be just around the corner. Happy times!

Advent, Advent.                                                    Advent, Advent.
Ein Lichtlein brennt.                                              One small light is burning.
Erst eins, dann zwei,                                            First one, then two,
dann drei, dann vier                                                Then three, then four.
Dann steht das Christkind vor der Tür.          And then the Christchild is at the door.

It was not Santa Claus who brought Christmas gifts, but the Christ Child, somehow. Didn’t quite get how that worked. Santa Claus wasn’t part of the story at all, although he was not a stranger to me. I did learn about him in school, and he put in an appearance in every shopping mall in town. But I always knew that he was not an official part of Christmas.

However a distant relative of his, St Nicholas, did put in an appearance, but already much earlier than Christmas itself. On the night of the fifth of December. And he was quite real.

So it was a matter of putting out your polished shoes your polished shoes before going to bed, and in the morning, if you had been a good child, there would be candy and chocolate in one of your shoes on the morning of December 6. If you had not been good, there would be a lump of coal in it, or a stone, or something like that. And so either I was always well-behaved, or else St Nicholas closed an eye and gave me the benefit of the doubt. There was never any rock or coal in my shoes.

While some of those traditions were as nebulous as they were exciting, Christmas carols were definitely part of growing up, as well as some well-loved poems. Illustrated here are some of my favourites.

Originally all the medley images were posted at once. However that makes for a lot of viewing in one go. So the original collection has been split into four separate posts, one for each of the Sundays of Advent for this year. Hope you enjoy.

Happy Advent!

01 dreaming of a white Christmas

02 deck the halls - deck the walls

03 we three kings (750x593)

04 in his master's steps he trod

05 here we go a-carolling (750x592)

07 deck the boughs

08 the stockings were hung by the chimney with care

09 o Christmas tree (750x592)

to be continued at the next post

◆ Originally published December 2007 ◆