once upon a day in May

The last post featured some images from a previous encounter between spring and my first digital camera which took place about six years ago.

The other day it was gloriously sunny, and my cell phone camera was kept busy from the early morning until the evening, since my camera was not with me.

It all began with some early morning moments as I headed out the door:



It continued midday while on a break at work:




Welcome home again!
And of course it kept right on going when I got home again with Timmy, our self-appointed welcoming committee of one, making sure that I was duly welcomed. Such a bundle of purrs! He never fails to make me smile.

Disclaimer :: capturing an image of Timmy in welcoming mode is quite a challenge, as he is exuberant and is seldom still enough for a sharp click. This was as good as it got.

All images captured — with a cellphone camera — on May 7, 2014

Other recent spring moments:

whether or not


better late than never

Milestone alert!

Two significant milestones were almost missed, but here they are on record, better late than never.

1) January 1, 2014 marked the first anniversary of photojourneying!

one candle glowing (748x534)

So here’s one tea light glowing valiantly and virtually in celebration of one year. Although the very first post appeared shortly before that, the official start was at the beginning of last year. The how and why of the beginning of this blog appears variously, such as on the about page and even on the gravatar page, so suffice it to say: It has been an enjoyable ride!

2) Two weeks ago the 50th post was published! Hurrah! Yay!

This of course leads to the most important point of all:

You! Thank you for your support, your visits, likes and remarks, and for following photojourneying. It is very much appreciated.

 many thanks blog support

And although this is not a cat blog, Timmy is also sharing some purrs. For today is another milestone! And it is being celebrated right on time.

It is the first anniversary of his big move into the city, where he has taken up residence in our home and in our hearts.

sending some purrs

Happy Anniversary Timmy! Thank you for all the smiles. It’s good to have you here.

all is well (750x563)

And thank you again for all your support. That’s it for milestones here at photojourneying. Regular blogging resumes with the next post. See you next Sunday!

Tales of Travel, Germany 2008

Travel Tales :: Germany 2008, part 1

Travel Tales :: Germany 2008, part 1

As indicated recently, my first trip to Germany with a digital camera coincided with several travel adventures. None of them earth-shattering, and yet each of them a tale worth repeating. Some triggered smiles, others inspiration, and others reflection.

Here are the first two tales.

1) Max the Fox

In the southern Black Forest, just a few kilometers north of the German-Swiss border, the local fox has discovered the compost bins. Although it is broad daylight, he has ventured into one of the bins, and initially appeared to be unaware that there were three pairs of eyes (and at least 2 cameras) focussing on him.

in the compost pile

in the compost pile


At times, the fox peeks over the edge. At other times only his ears are visible – trained towards our direction. And more often than not, he ducks. There are at least as many images of what appear to be just compost bins as there are of the fox himself. Affectionately called “Max”, somebody calls out his name, and he and pokes out his full head, assessing the situation.

Hey Max!

Hey Max!

Finding no need to stay in the compost bin, the fox easily scampers out of the bin and runs up into the forest beyond the back yard.
off like a flash

off like a flash

His tail vanishes last, and all is as quiet as if he had never been there.

An earlier version of this story was published at pix & kardz.
2. Window shopping

It was a rainy day in Frankfurt/Main. This poster outside a book store caught my eye. “You can do without many things in life, but not without cats nor literature.”

window shopping

window shopping

How true is that! Enough said 🙂

The End

To be continued

◆ originally published October 2, 2012 ◆

And speaking of cats…..
it is what it is
…..just in cased you missed it, here is Timmy’s most recent guest post. To get there, you may either click on the image above or the link below. Enjoy!

it is what it is

mistaken identity

Timmy recently celebrated one month living in the Big City.

one month, and all is well.....

one month, and all is well…..

When we had first heard about Timmy, we thought we were adopting a cat.

dreaming of fish so fine

It turns out that we were happily mistaken, and have adopted a little bear instead. 🙂


Despite a couple of minor hiccups (click to view), it has otherwise been a very delightful first month!

Signs of Spring

from a trip to Germany in April/May 2009

Boots enjoying a Spring Moment

Boots enjoying a Spring Moment

sharing some random spring moments
In the southern Black Forest, there is a beautiful green-eyed tabby cat that became a favourite camera target while I was out and about capturing various signs of spring. Officially called Stiffl, the English equivalent of her name could easily be Boots, so that is how she will appear here going forward.

The back side of Boots’ paws are black, and this has contributed to her name. She showed up in unexpected places, and she had a way of bringing a smile to my face. You might want to keep on the look out for her in the images below. She will probably make you smile, too.

Rural Black Forest
What a difference lighting makes to an image.

morning mist

morning mist

Unplanned as an official pair of contrasting images, the view above caught my camera’s attention on a misty morning and then again a few days later, at the golden hour, just when the sun was setting, in the image below.

evening glow

evening glow

A common sight in the rural Black Forest at this time of the year was meadow after meadow of dandelions, something I have never noticed in rural BC here at home, nor in my travels to northern Germany.

dandelions in the meadow next door

dandelions in the meadow next door

In addition to dandelions, new clover leaves were putting in an appearance as well.

new clover

new clover


DayTrip to Trochtelfingen
One day we went to Trochtelfingen, home of Alb-Gold freshly made pasta. (Note to self: post some photos in the future). They put on a tour through the noodle factory, and it is possible to see how some of the noodle varieties are made. Unfortunately, we got there too late and just missed the tour. But we were still there in time for lunch and to purchase some pasta.

Across from the pasta factory, there was a display garden of a variety of spring flowers. One of my favourites, the pasque flower, was in its prime. It was quite windy, and so the blossoms weaved and danced on their slender stems. Made it a bit challenging to capture them.

Pasque Flowers, aka Prairie Crocus

Pasque Flowers, aka Prairie Crocus


Pasque Flower, aka Prairie Crocus - blowing in the wind

Pasque Flower, aka Prairie Crocus – blowing in the wind

of trees and blossoms
Everything is new at this time of year. New flowers, new leaves, new apple blossoms, new catkins growing against the backdrop of a forsythia bush which is in full bloom….

a season for apple blossoms

a season for apple blossoms


hazelnut catkin growing against the backdrop of a forsythia bush in full bloom

hazelnut catkin growing against the backdrop of a forsythia bush in full bloom


Some new hazelnut leaves…..

a new season of hazelnut leaves

a new season of hazelnut leaves


Day Trip to Bavaria
Two friends and I made what would prove to be a somewhat unwise decision – as we found out soon enough – of visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle on the May 1st long weekend.

It is a fascinating place – with many modern conveniences such as a flush toilet, a telephone, running hot water and more, which might initially sound quite ordinary. However the place was designed in the late 1800’s, and King Ludwig II, who was not necessarily the wisest regent, was definitely ahead of his time in terms of planning and architecture, and his love of the arts.

So there we were on the Saturday, May 2, along with many other tourists. The place was overrun with them – nothing wrong with a tourist, since we were part of them as well. However the staggering volume of them was unbelievable. There were line-ups (= queues in British English) everywhere and for everything. There was a loooooong line-up for the WC, and in some cases, there were even line-ups for line-ups!

Not knowing that we could have made reservations for a tour online ahead of time, we had left very early in the morning, arriving in time to catch the line-up for tickets which enabled us to be part of the last tour of the day. Go figure! The waiting time was surreal, and it turned out to be a most memorable day, as has been posted elsewhere. However all adventures aside, it was most definitely a beautiful place to visit. The fresh green foliage added to the charm of all the views.

a distant green, Neuschwanstein (700x525)

view from an exquisite castle, the design of an eccentric but now much-beloved king, Ludwig II


Queen Mary's Bridge

Queen Mary’s Bridge, named in honour of the mother of King Ludwig II


Although captured May 1, 2009, this image makes its debut appearance here.

The castle on the hill. Athough also captured May 2, 2009, this image makes its debut appearance here.


Boots, full of antics, was captured many more times than the images shown above. A post or two dedicated entirely to her will likely appear here sometime in the future.

◆ all but one originally posted in a collection of 56 images in Spring 2009 ◆

a new family member

If you follow pix & kardz, it will not be news for you to hear that we now have a new member in our family. Timmy, who has bounced from one caregiver to another a few times, was in need of a permanent home. Although he was always much-loved, in his last home he was often left alone. His most recent caregiver thought it was selfish to keep him when he needed a place where he would not be on his own so much, since he is such a loveable, affectionate little guy. So a tough but courageous decision was made, and we were asked if we would consider adopting him.

And so Timmy has moved in. We love him to bits. Here are some images from the day we first met him, on a cold day in January, exactly two weeks before he arrived here. We got on quite well at the time, although I knew he was a keeper from the moment I heard his story.


In the meantime, Timmy has been with us about a week, and he has settled in so well. While everybody usually speaks in superlatives about their pets – and rightly so – he has an incredibly sweet personality. He very obviously enjoys being included in discussions and activities. He has become the chief supervisor of the preparation of his meals, and without being obnoxious or in the way, he always manages to stand on his hind paws and take a look at how things are going.

He is learning new tasks daily. Like making sure we return home on time. And when we arrive, he is already standing at the door, waiting to welcome us. Or the importance of frowning at birds that are flying outside. He likes to sit on the window sill and monitor the world outside. In the evening he likes to stretch out in front of the fireplace. And he is extremely fond of his new toys.

Here are some moments from Timmy’s first week with us. It seems that whenever he is exceptionally delighted – which happens quite frequently – he drops himself on the ground and rolls and stretches in sheer bliss. And without requiring the use of too wild an imagination, at times it even looks as if he is grinning. And as you can probably imagine, he frequently makes us grin and laugh ourselves.

life is beautiful

life is beautiful


Timmy's couch

Timmy’s couch


nap time

nap time


Welcome home, Timmy!

For more on Timmy, you can check out his own page here, or at the link above.