more thanks

Continuing from an earlier post, here is the next set of images from a collection of over 80 images posted in October 2012 as a thank you for half a million views over at the former Webshots site.

many thanks

They cover various seasons and vistas – from scenic views to macro details, from close to home and from travels far away. A happily random assortment.

All of them seem to easily demonstrate that we live on a beautiful planet. Hope you enjoy. 🙂


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◆ Originally published October 2012 ◆

Blog Note:

This is also a thanks for your support here at photojourneying. Your visits and comments are much appreciated.

☀ Summer is just around the corner, and life has taken a busy turn once again, so a there will be a hiatus here for June and July. Enjoy your summer. See you at the next post – in August.


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