once upon a day in May

The last post featured some images from a previous encounter between spring and my first digital camera which took place about six years ago.

The other day it was gloriously sunny, and my cell phone camera was kept busy from the early morning until the evening, since my camera was not with me.

It all began with some early morning moments as I headed out the door:



It continued midday while on a break at work:




Welcome home again!
And of course it kept right on going when I got home again with Timmy, our self-appointed welcoming committee of one, making sure that I was duly welcomed. Such a bundle of purrs! He never fails to make me smile.

Disclaimer :: capturing an image of Timmy in welcoming mode is quite a challenge, as he is exuberant and is seldom still enough for a sharp click. This was as good as it got.

All images captured — with a cellphone camera — on May 7, 2014

Other recent spring moments:

whether or not


Any thoughts? opinions? suggestions? kudos? questions? Your comment is welcome here.

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