the essence of October

October has found its way into many photo images over the years. There is very little about the tenth month of the year that is subtle in this corner of the planet. Blazing colours are the order of the day, across vast landscapes and in every fallen leaf that decorates the ground.

the essence of October, a collection of images from 2009

the essence of October, a collection of images from 2009

The sun is lower on the horizon, and it adds brilliance no matter where you look. Even cloudy days seem less grey because of autumn’s grand display, as seen in the images captured from the car on Vancouver Island in the following slideshow. Most of the other images were captured on various walks in the neighbourhood.

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◆ Previously published October 2009 ◆

These images are from 2009. A year earlier my favourite aunt from Germany, Tante Ulla, had spent almost half a year in Canada. She was 85, but so young at heart that her age was hard to believe. She had joined us on our annual autumn holiday on Vancouver Island’s west coast. Images from that trip will likely find their way into a future post. But I digress.

The leaves on the trees on that trip were just as golden, although the sunshine we encountered enroute had made them glow. I don’t remember seeing them quite that radiant before. Tante Ulla had so enjoyed that road trip. Even now, a year later, I had to think of her words and smile, “Only heaven can be more beautiful than this.”

Time continues to move on. Just over a year ago, a month after her 88th birthday, Tante Ulla passed away. Now she knows firsthand how true her words back then really were.


mistaken identity

Timmy recently celebrated one month living in the Big City.

one month, and all is well.....

one month, and all is well…..

When we had first heard about Timmy, we thought we were adopting a cat.

dreaming of fish so fine

It turns out that we were happily mistaken, and have adopted a little bear instead. 🙂


Despite a couple of minor hiccups (click to view), it has otherwise been a very delightful first month!

a new family member

If you follow pix & kardz, it will not be news for you to hear that we now have a new member in our family. Timmy, who has bounced from one caregiver to another a few times, was in need of a permanent home. Although he was always much-loved, in his last home he was often left alone. His most recent caregiver thought it was selfish to keep him when he needed a place where he would not be on his own so much, since he is such a loveable, affectionate little guy. So a tough but courageous decision was made, and we were asked if we would consider adopting him.

And so Timmy has moved in. We love him to bits. Here are some images from the day we first met him, on a cold day in January, exactly two weeks before he arrived here. We got on quite well at the time, although I knew he was a keeper from the moment I heard his story.


In the meantime, Timmy has been with us about a week, and he has settled in so well. While everybody usually speaks in superlatives about their pets – and rightly so – he has an incredibly sweet personality. He very obviously enjoys being included in discussions and activities. He has become the chief supervisor of the preparation of his meals, and without being obnoxious or in the way, he always manages to stand on his hind paws and take a look at how things are going.

He is learning new tasks daily. Like making sure we return home on time. And when we arrive, he is already standing at the door, waiting to welcome us. Or the importance of frowning at birds that are flying outside. He likes to sit on the window sill and monitor the world outside. In the evening he likes to stretch out in front of the fireplace. And he is extremely fond of his new toys.

Here are some moments from Timmy’s first week with us. It seems that whenever he is exceptionally delighted – which happens quite frequently – he drops himself on the ground and rolls and stretches in sheer bliss. And without requiring the use of too wild an imagination, at times it even looks as if he is grinning. And as you can probably imagine, he frequently makes us grin and laugh ourselves.

life is beautiful

life is beautiful


Timmy's couch

Timmy’s couch


nap time

nap time


Welcome home, Timmy!

For more on Timmy, you can check out his own page here, or at the link above.