everything is just ducky

© photojourneying 2013 ~ everything is just ducky

Welcome here.

Life has a way of happening, and it provides its share of adventures and subsequent memories. Some of the images appearing in this blog were first posted on a now-defunct website. Painstakingly posted with tales lovingly told, all of them were wiped out with a metaphorical flick of a switch in December 2012. In reality, I am sure that it must have been a mammoth job, since my 4,000+ images were but a fraction of the millions that were forever erased.

Yet all is not lost, and what was previously published more than 4,000 times has now found a brand new platform to be retold, one story at a time. However, that is only a part of this blog. This is also a place for future images that have not yet even been captured, and a telling of stories that have not yet taken place. For that is the nature of photojourneying.

For more on what this blog is all about, check out the “About” links at the top of this page.


Any thoughts? opinions? suggestions? kudos? questions? Your comment is welcome here.

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