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This last week reverberated with the sad news of Robin Williams’ death – a man who appeared to thrive on making others laugh while he himself was obviously in a dark place. Such a tragedy – and yet he leaves behind so many memories and movies which will provide laughter to others for a long time to come.

My heart goes out to his family at this tough and heartbreaking time. Thanks for all you gave to the world at large, Robin Williams. You will be missed.

And if you are reading these lines, and you are suffering from mental illness, this is a strong word of encouragement to let you know that you are not alone, and that you are not crazy. Please know that there is no shame in seeking help. In fact it takes great courage to do so. I really hope you do. You are so worth it.

And on another, and vastly less significant note, the time has come to make an announcement. And the announcement is, that this is the last official post in this blog. While it is usually never fun to say farewell, it was an enjoyable time here at photojourneying.

This blog filled in a badly needed gap after a favourite website shut down, and it provided a home for some of the photos and stories that deserved a second chance. You obviously thought so too, and I thank you for your support. Much appreciated!

While there are still many images that have not yet been posted, the tough decision has been made to discontinue posting them here. Time limitations are the primary reason. So I wanted to put it out there and let you know.

background (725x544)

background 02

background 03

My primary blog, while essentially a photo blog, frequently tells stories, too, and if you would like to stop by, I will look forward to your visits to pix & kardz. Just click on any of the images above to take you there.

Some of the stories which might have otherwise have been posted here could very well find their way over there from time to time. And if not, for life goes on and sometimes some old stories are best forgotten, then there will be new ones appearing there.

In any case, thanks again. It has been such fun.

All images captured while on a recent road trip to the Oregon Coast.


better late than never

Milestone alert!

Two significant milestones were almost missed, but here they are on record, better late than never.

1) January 1, 2014 marked the first anniversary of photojourneying!

one candle glowing (748x534)

So here’s one tea light glowing valiantly and virtually in celebration of one year. Although the very first post appeared shortly before that, the official start was at the beginning of last year. The how and why of the beginning of this blog appears variously, such as on the about page and even on the gravatar page, so suffice it to say: It has been an enjoyable ride!

2) Two weeks ago the 50th post was published! Hurrah! Yay!

This of course leads to the most important point of all:

You! Thank you for your support, your visits, likes and remarks, and for following photojourneying. It is very much appreciated.

 many thanks blog support

And although this is not a cat blog, Timmy is also sharing some purrs. For today is another milestone! And it is being celebrated right on time.

It is the first anniversary of his big move into the city, where he has taken up residence in our home and in our hearts.

sending some purrs

Happy Anniversary Timmy! Thank you for all the smiles. It’s good to have you here.

all is well (750x563)

And thank you again for all your support. That’s it for milestones here at photojourneying. Regular blogging resumes with the next post. See you next Sunday!

2007 Retrospective

October 2007 marked the acqusition of my first digital camera, one that is no longer available, and that I have had a hard time finding a link for. For the record it was a Panasonic DMC-LZ6, and I was thrilled by the new world of digital images which were suddenly opened up.

In any case, at the end of 2007, I posted the following retrospective, a baker’s dozen of my favourite images from the previous three months.

1) 1.	Where shore and ocean meet.   At Wickanninish, facing south

1) Where shore and ocean meet. At Wickanninish, facing south

2.	Salal barberries ripening in the autumn sunshine; at Radar Hill on Vancouver Island's west coast

2) Salal barberries ripening in the autumn sunshine; at Radar Hill on Vancouver Island’s west coast

3) the meeting of the mountains and the sky

3) the meeting of the mountains and the sky

Above, the north shore mountains – north of Vancouver – in winter mode on Christmas Eve.

when leaves fall...

when leaves fall…

…art is is merely transferred from the tree above and continues on the ground below. Here, a random capture of fallen leaves. Note from 2013: this one is a bit too grainy for my preference, although I still like the captures of the leaves as they had fallen.
5) High tide in progress

5) High tide in progress

Wickanninish Beach, facing north. For a perspective on the size of the waves, note the surfer towards the left.

6) making a point or two :: blackberry bush detail

6) making a point or two :: blackberry bush detail

a burning sky

7) a burning sky

8) garden ferns

8) garden ferns


9) Beach Art, Combers Beach on Vancouver Island's west coast

9) Beach Art, Combers Beach on Vancouver Island’s west coast

This driftwood was among my first digital images ever captured, and it still remains one of my most favourites.

10) November's blue sky

10) November’s blue sky

11) three steppers

11) three steppers

Crows inspect the sands of Cox Bay, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are the subjects of one of my first experiments in sepia. However in hindsight, this might have been nice in colour instead. Then there would still have been an option to edit it with a sepia look, with the option of having a full colour image as well.

12)  mum :: studio shot

12) mum :: studio shot

This mum is actually growing quite happily in the garden, soaking in the midday sun after a rainfall. However the bright shaft of sunlight creates a stark contrast to the shade behind the flower, giving the illusion of this ‘studio’ appearance.
13) Coming & Going

13) Coming & Going

A rather fitting sentiment. Two people to the left are returning from their walk along the Iona Spit, and three people to the right just before heading out on the 4 kilometer walkway, shown here as my last posted image for 2007 which is now coming to an end, with 2008 lying ahead. Happy New Year to you and yours – may it be a year of unexpected blessings. See you then!

originally published in 2007

In the meantime, it is now six years later. And yet another is coming to an end. Literally thousands of images have been captured since these ones, and this blog is now officially one year old. Thank you for your visits and support in the past 12 months. All to the best to you and yours for 2014. See you at the next post!

Autumn All Around

Milestone Moment

Several weeks after the images from the last two posts were captured, the first-ever images from my newly acquired Panasonic DMC-LZ6 were officially – and rather excitedly – launched into cyberspace in an online album entitled, as is this post, Autumn All Around. Random moments of autumn, with an occasional story thrown in, there were 21 images all told. The first half appear here, regardless of the quality of the images, and the second half will appear in the next post. They were introduced with the following description:

My first official Webshots album
The days have become shorter. A major transformation has taken place as leaves change colour, and trees in turn, discard their leaves.


maple leaves dancing in the sunshine

autumn sunset at Iona Spit

three autumn moments

In the second week of October 2007, I was enjoying a vacation at a favourite place. It was a rare privilege to observe a winter storm on the west coast of Vancouver Island so early in the season. The waves were 6 – 8 meters (~25 feet) high.

autumn storm

And after venting its fury for several hours, the storm subsided almost as quickly as it came. As the sky was clearing up, it seemed to mirror the waves that had just been crashing on the shore earlier in the day.

towards the end of the storm

The clouds continued to dissipate, and before long the skies were painted with the most surreal sunset I have ever seen. The far left image on the header shows the unusual colour of the sky. What it does not show is the movement of the clouds. The wind appeared to be in hot pursuit, chasing the clouds which flew in reckless abandon, tumbling fast and furiously, headed ever southwards, to the left of the screen.

The next day, the waves, still very impressive, were much calmer than on the day of the storm.

the next day

More autumn moments….

Salal is a typical westcoast plant which, although looking very much like a deciduous shrub, actually is ever green, with only some of its leaves turning colours.

abandoned spider's web

And a series of autumn images would be incomplete without including the beech trees growing outside the front door. A captive audience, and an unwitting camera target, they reflect the seasons and stand up to all kinds of weather. Some of my earliest memories of these trees go back to my childhood, on the same property but in an older house. The piano stool afforded a view of the trees outside, and I often looked longingly at them while practising the piano in a daily half-hour ritual that seemed to take forever.
afternoon beech trees

To be continued in the next post.

◆ originally posted December 2007 ◆

the last first post

in flight

in flight

October 2, 2012
Big news impacted about 32 million people on this day, and I was one of them. A community photo sharing website where I had been posting images for almost five years was going to shut down before the end of the year. Permanently. One by one, the various features were disabled, however I was able to squeeze in one final photo upload of some Canada Geese flying offscreen a couple of days after that announcement, one that was intended to be symbolic of all the images, comments and friendships that had been part of a unique place in the cybersphere, which were now dissipating. And it expressed in a small measure the appreciation for all the visitors who had stopped by and for all those who had contributed so much over the years to make it so enjoyable.

Now, with the creation of something new here at photojourneying, it seemed appropriate to publish the image in this preliminary post – as a standing legacy of what a milestone it had been.

Coming Soon!
More big news. Well, maybe not nearly as big as the earlier news. And the impact is much less, of course. Nevertheless, the proverbial pebble has been thrown into the pond. A new blog has emerged, and this opening post marks an historical milestone – kind of like an introduction and a welcome mat all in one. The official Grand Opening is scheduled for January 1, 2013, and you are welcome!

coming in for a landing

coming in for a landing

Not far from where the first image was captured, some ducks fly across the pond and come in for a landing, an image which never found its way to the former website.

And so this is a coming and a going – or in the case of this blog, it is a going and coming. The aim of photojourneying is to share some of those previously posted images and stories rather than let them disappear into cyberspace forever, by giving them an encore performance here in a blog format. The newly introduced Blog theme, Book Lite, seems to lend itself perfectly for this new venture.

While the images originally appeared in an album format, with a separate post for each image, blogging allows for a larger numbers of images to be posted at once. So while most of the original albums had about 40 posts or less, they could have had, on rare occasions, up to 100 posts – which meant much cumbersome uploading for the author, and lots of clicking for readers.

The format here has been revised, since posts here can easily accommodate multiple images. And since the intention here is to limit the number of images per post to about 10, more or less, some of the longer stories will appear here in installments. So the plans.

In addition to the afore-mentioned previously published stories, occasionally there will also be some informal sharing of photo tips which I have collected over time and have personally found useful. Perhaps you will as well. Or perhaps you have others of your own. Do feel free to share your ideas in the comment sections provided.

Also, a significant component of this blog will undoubtedly be new stories and images which have not yet occurred nor been captured. These too will find their way here over time.

Because this blog is not intended to be defined by a now-defunct website. Enough has been said about it elsewhere. In fact, this is probably one of the last times it will be mentioned in the posts published here. Going forward, unless the omisssion of that reference detracts from the story, previously published stories will only be indicated by a date shown at the end of each post.

Enough said. Blog on! The joy of photojourneying continues on January 1.

Welcome here.