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after the rain

Captured October 7, 2007

a photo journey

The journey begins.
It was not long after acquiring my first digital camera, that I began posting some images in a unique photo sharing community called Webshots, for about five years. My membership became one of about 32 million others, and altogether all of us ended up posting about 700 million photos.

Under the username christianchen, my contribution to the blogosphere was a collection of 4,000+ photos in amongst all those millions, all of them happily uploaded, and many of them accompanied by stories. Stories that were fun to share, and it was a joy to read comments left by visitors, in response to what they saw and read. Sometimes some additional information was provided in those comments, such as the sharing of a similar story, or the disclosure of the name of a mystery plant I had encountered, which was very helpful in furthering additional research for future reference. Those comments were very comparable to the comments left on blog posts at WordPress and other blogsites. Comments which always make posts richer for everyone who reads it, and they contribute to making the world a little bit smaller.

While the quality of some of my early photo images make me cringe now, they documented the adventures my camera and I have been on. And they showed, over time, lessons learned about focus, lighting, composition, the creation of photo collages and more. In essence, they all reflected the story of my photo journey. So as long as Webshots was around, they remained posted.

Webshots had some practical and brilliant features, such as a desktop app and the option of viewing images as a slideshow which could then easily be linked to another website or blog. And a blog which contained some practical photo tips now and then. Happy times!

A Big Change
And then, very unexpectedly, an announcement appeared on the Webshots Blog early in October 2012 that the webshots.com website had changed hands, and a decision was made to shut it down as of December 1, 2012, with a restructured new website in the works, although the community interaction was – and is – not part of the plans. More details have been posted elsewhere, and a couple of links with more information are available here and/or here if you would like to know more about the change.

Announcements and change aside, all 4,000+ photo images have been safely backed up, as well as most of the tales that went with them. And so rather than just let them simply disappear like that into thin cyberspace, they will be reinvented here, in a blog format.

Of Lemons and Lemonade
Change, while it may not always be progress, does happen. And yet change can easily be a trigger for something good if I choose to exercise that option. And so rather than dwell on the sadness and lemons associated with the demise of a much-liked website, the focus of this blog is share some of the best of my former home page which will be posted here, about once a week. Mostly on Sundays. Fresh lemonade!

The wonderful thing about a journey is that it is ongoing. And if it is not ongoing, then it is usually just another step that continues in the next journey. So the stories appearing here will most likely not just be those which have been posted in the past, but will also be an ongoing collection of stories that have not yet happened, as well as some of the photo tips I have encountered, and those I will be encountering in days to come. Because websites may shut down. But life goes on. And the rest of the journey is still continuing.

So, welcome here. Enjoy the adventure! And feel free to leave a photo tip of your own, or a comment to say hello and that you have stopped by.



Any thoughts? opinions? suggestions? kudos? questions? Your comment is welcome here.

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