more thanks

Continuing from an earlier post, here is the next set of images from a collection of over 80 images posted in October 2012 as a thank you for half a million views over at the former Webshots site.

many thanks

They cover various seasons and vistas – from scenic views to macro details, from close to home and from travels far away. A happily random assortment.

All of them seem to easily demonstrate that we live on a beautiful planet. Hope you enjoy. 🙂


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◆ Originally published October 2012 ◆

Blog Note:

This is also a thanks for your support here at photojourneying. Your visits and comments are much appreciated.

☀ Summer is just around the corner, and life has taken a busy turn once again, so a there will be a hiatus here for June and July. Enjoy your summer. See you at the next post – in August.


many thanks

For the milestone of half a million views over at Webshots – which arrived shortly before the website would be forever shut down, a special album of favourite images was prepared as an expression of appreciation for all the support received by friends and visitors. The images were posted in October 2012, and bore the moniker of ‘christianchen’, my user id there. There is a bit of a story to the name, however it will have to keep for another time.

In any case, most of the images contain the original copyright from the webshots site, as well as a newly acquired one here at photojourneying. Because of the large number of images in this set, the images will be posted in several installments throughout the year. Enjoy!

1. Thanks
00 thanks, cover 00
2. Storm Clouds Breaking
01 storm clouds breaking
This was captured in October 2007, the day of an incredible storm when I first noticed a mother seagull with a junior bird. That story begins here.

3. incoming tide at Cox Bay
02 cox bay ws 2
You may know that Vancouver Island’s Pacific west coast is my favourite place that I have seen so far, something I keep mentioning. 🙂

Since the first visit here more years ago than I can believe, I have seen many mountains, forests, gardens, parks, and have travelled thousands of miles between Canada and Europe, and the USA as well. Everywhere I went, there have been some incredible places to see. And yet, there is something compelling about this place with its air rich with salty mist and the roar of an endlessly pounding surf.
4. Beach Art
03 beach art
captured while beachcombing with my camera at Cox Bay
5. Morning Light
04 morning sun, green border
6. Afternoon Sunshine, #1
05 afternoon sunshine
7. Afternoon Sunshine, #2
06 afternoon sunlight

8. Autumn Moments
07 autumn moments collage

9. Winter Fog
08 fog

10. Spring Blossoms

11. Summer in Bloom
10 P1350724 (800x450)